Set up iTunes account at home.
EXPLORE the different iTunes areas: Music, Movies, TV Shows, Apps Store, Podcasts, Audiobooks, iTunes U

1. Explore the following web sites:
100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study
Learning in Hand-Podcasting

Now find 5 more web sites or articles that dicuss the use of iPods in the classroom. Post the links along with a summary of the articles/web sites to your wiki space.

2. Subscribe to two FREE podcasts like "Cool Teacher, Ed Tech Talk, or Teacher 2.0 ": One for you and one for the classroom. Post the links to your podcasts and a brief description of each on your wiki. (Right click on the podcast in the iTunes store and copy the link.) Also explain how you used the educational one in your classroom and what your students thought of the podcast.

3. Find 10 applications at the iTunes store: 5 personal and 5 educational. Post the links for each application and a brief description of how you plan to use them in your personal life or in teaching. Link to the app by right clicking on it in the iTunes store and copying the link, just as you did for the podcasts. If you would like to include the icon for the app, as in the Facebook example below, you can use Google Images and google "Facebook app icon" and then copy and paste that image onto your wiki. This will help others find the exact app you are describing if they would like to download it.

Facebook: This is a social networking app that I intend to use it for personal use to stay in contact with friends and family. I enjoy chatting with friends I haven't seen in a long time and looking at others' pictures to keep up with their lives.

Create 2 Podcasts

Create one teacher-created podcast that you can use in your classroom as an instructional tool (teacher speaking on podcast). You may use the Voice Memo app on your iPod or Audacity to create this podcast. You need to save your podcast as an mp3 and post it to your wiki. If you use the Voice Memo app, you will need to first sync it to your iTunes library and then find and drag the file to your desktop in order to post it to your wiki.

Create one student-created podcast (students speaking on podcast).
Have your students create one podcast using Audacity that relates to a topic you are studying. Save it as an mp3 and post it to your wiki.

How to upload your podcasts to your wiki:

  • Login to your personal wiki
  • Click the page where your podcast will be posted
  • Click Edit
  • Put cursor where you want the file to appear
  • Click on File (Green box under Editor) c.gif
  • Click Upload Files
  • Find your podcast, highlight, and click Open
  • It should upload automatically but may take a minute
  • Click on Insert Files
  • Click the file you want to insert
  • Click Save

* If you are having trouble transferring your Voice Memo podcast to your computer in order to upload it to your wiki, you can try emailing it to yourself from your iPod or checking out this
link for some advice. **

5. Write a brief reflection (a few paragraphs) on how you see yourself using the iPod in the classroom and in your personal life.

Assignments 6, 7, & 8 will be completed IN CLASS on the second weekend.