Friday Night

Share the podcasts you have created.

Finish the assignments below and add your findings to your wiki.

Find a You Tube video about Using iPods in the Classroom or education. List the video you selected and include the link on your wiki.

Download a You Tube video using Firefox and 1-Click YouTube Video Downloader

  • Open Firefox
  • Go to Tools at the top of the page
  • Click on Add-Ons
  • Click on Get Add-Ons
  • Type YouTube Download Helper in the search field
  • Click on the "1-Click YouTube Video Downloader"
  • Install this add-on
  • Restart Firefox
  • Go to the youtube video you would like to download, below the video there will be an option to download your video as an FLV, MP4, or 3GP file, choose MP4 for playback on your iPod.
  • Choose where you would like to save your video file.
  • Right click on your video file from where it was saved and select Open With iTunes
  • Your video will now be in your iTunes library under movies. When you sync your ipod, be sure to select this video to sync and you will be able to play it back using your iPod.

Use the "kick" feature in You Tube to get the video to your desktop and then to iTunes to sync with your iPod.
Check out Garrison Sites on Converters and the You Tube kick feature.
Convert Files
ZamZar-Converting online
Media Convert-Free and online conversion of Flash files saved to your computer
Free Video Converter-Any Video

7. Can you find any free AudioBooks? If not on iTunes, are there places on the Internet that has Audiobooks for the iPod? This is a hunting assignment to see what is out there for you in the area of audio books or electronic books for the classroom. Post your findings to your wiki with a brief explanation.

8. Check out iTunes U (at the very bottom of the iTunes store home page), Select K-12 (in the top right), then select Florida Department of Education, then take a look at some of the professional development links at this site or any other site. Lots of great materials.
Find in the K-12 list and download a movie. Sync it to your computer and/or iPod and post the link with a brief description to your wiki.


Group Research & Sharing
Class will divide into groups according to grade level or subject area. Take time to share what you found. As a group we be ready to discuss with the rest of the group the following information:

-Most useful/informative article
-Favorite personal app
-Favorite educational app
-Most useful podcast to use in the classroom
-Favorite student made podcast

RSS - Ways to have others subscribe to your podcasts
Basic Tutorials

Closing YouTube Video