iTouch Applications

General Applications

Included with iTouch:
Safari – web browser
Voice memo

Educational Application Reviews

Free Applications:
Homework – virtual planner
Animoto – for creating and viewing video
SimplemindX – like Inspiration – organizing and mapping thoughts
Flashlight – virtual flashlight

Included with iTouch:
Weather – can set to any city

Free Applications:

Brain Tutor – shows break away sections of the human brain
3D Brain – shows 3D pictures of the human brain
The Weather Channel
TCT Lite – Periodic Table (there is a “pay” version with more whistles)
iPeTa – Periodic Table
Nikon Lite – Free pictures from around the world.
Moon Globe – Images of the moon surface.
NASA – Allows you to see videos, images, mission updates.
Stars – Shows stars and constellations
SkyVoyager – Travel through the Universe – This is a PAY version!
Hubble – Press releases, images and video from the Hubble telescope.

Social Studies
Included with iTouch:
Maps – Search for directions by map, satellite, hybrid or list. You can see traffic and change your route by dragging the blue line.

Free Applications:

HistoryMap – Digital historical maps
GoogleEarth – Look at the earth and search by longitude and latitude. Plot routes, etc.
States and Capitals Free – practice the states and capitals for free!
Capitals – Flash cards of all the states and capitals along with other information on the states. Quiz included.
WW.Capitals – World wide capitals. Flash cards, tables and quiz included.
History Lite – Today in history – choose your date and you can see the events, births, deaths, etc. that happened on this day.
Constitution – Full Constitution plus the history of its development.
Declaration – Full Declaration of Independence plus the history of its development
Presidents – Flash cards of the U.S. Presidents. Quiz included.
USA Free – Has documents, states, maps, anthem & flag, major cities, and Presidents. Quiz included

Included with iTouch:
Calculator – both a regular calculator and scientific calculator
Stocks – get updated stock information

Free Applications:

PopMath Lite - basic math drills
Basic Math – basic math drills
Mathmagic Lite - basic math drills
Math Quizzer - basic math drills
eduMonkey - basic math drills
Math Drills Lite - basic math drills
Pocket Math - basic math drills
Times Tables - basic math drills
Equation Solver
Mathematics – mathematical formulas
Quick Graph – graphing calculator
MathGraph lite – graphing calculator

The Arts
Free Applications:
Love Art – National Gallery
DuddleBuddy – Draw by yourself or invite a friend!
Whiteboard – Draw by yourself or invite a friend!
SB Piano – virtual piano
Pocket Piano Lite – virtual piano
Music Reading Lite – test your music reading skills
TrueDrums Lite – virtual drums
DigiDrummer Lite – virtual drums
BeatSequencer Lite – mix your own music
Pandora – radio

Language Arts
Free Applications:
Dictionary – there is a million of them!
Spell it rite lite – spelling practice
Spell it 6789 – spelling test
Free Grammar
VocabLab Lite
Word Wrap – game using letters to form as many words as you can in the time given
Stanza – read books! Free books or purchased books.

Foreign Language
Free Applications:
Spanish Lite
German Lite
French Lite

Special thanks to Joyce Treml of Lineville Intermediate School